41 Reasons to watch Sahoo | Prabhas , Shraddha Kapoor

Hello let’s talk about Saaho movie today. What are the stakes, expectations and few facts about it. Here are our 5 reasons on why Saaho is special . Number 1 – The Ss Rajamouli effect. Even if we agree on it or not.


After DOING A FILM with Rajamouli The Hero’s next films are huge disasters! For Jr Ntr Subbu After Student

Here are the 41 reasons to watch Sahoo

No 1 Andhrawala after Simhadri And Kantri after Yamadonga… And In the case of Ram Charan Orange after Magadheera And also for Prabhas Pournami which came after Chatrapathi was a huge disaster! There are various reasons for why these films flopped and the main reason I feel is they didn’t shoot for the stars and tried to do different films Basically we can say that after a Rajamouli film A hero ‘s stardom increases by 10 times! And the next project should help make the stardom bigger And I Truly Believe Saaho is exactly that!

No2 Budget : For good or bad after Baahubali The Telugu market opened a lot and our budgets increased likewise, And Coming to Saaho Various reports state that the budget is between 200-300 Crores So let’s say it is around 250 crores Even then Saaho is the highest budgeted movie in Tollywood because according to the makers of Baahubali It’s budget was around 350 Crores for both Parts We can also call Saaho as the highest budgeted action film In India! Because Baahubali was a fantasy film and a new world was needed to be recreated And Also Thugs of Hindostan was a periodic film so those days was to be recreated But Here Saaho takes place in the present

No3: Director Sujeeth’s Second Film A short film Director that means starting from Zero Budget slowly increasing to 10K, 15K 25k maximum upto 50 Thousand.

Entering a short film competition winning it and earned his first film offer That film is Run Raja Run at a Budget of 5 Crores And then a film with Prabhas was on cards This happened before Baahubali And then as you know the entire scenario changed A film which was just thought as a action entertainer now turned into a 250 crore film Just Imagine A 5 Crore budget in the first film and now a 250 Crore Film! I can’t even imagine how he felt. The pressure But I really think with those great technicians he will really kick it and make us proud

No4: First Tollywood Pan India film that is banking on the Hero’s Image Prabhas Prabhas Baahubali Prabhas After Baahubali released the name created a sensation But before the film’s release the tag used outside the twin states (Telugu) was India’s Biggest Film and SS Rajamouli And the movie looked grand with the visuals once the trailers came out And In the case of Saaho the entire thing is running because of his name The only reason the makers were able to put in the huge budget was because of Prabhas People buy the ticket only because of Prabhas He is the primary crowd puller As stated in the first point.

The film is being made giving respect to his stardom and his present image I’ll tell you something about his good nature Fun Fact : After watching Run Raja Run Prabhas himself asked sujeeth to write a story, This was way before Baahubali released Sujeeth thought he really didn’t mean it and didn’t take it seriously Then after 6 Months at some Party Prabhas asked Sujeeth about the progress of the story and that’s when he started writing Saaho Then Baahubali released and Prabhas become a national icon After the first part’s release many people may have told him is it correct to work with Sujeeth because he is just one film old And working with a seasoned direct is better But Prabhas stood on his word ooking at the released making promos We can say that Prabhas made the right decision

No5: To prove that Baahubali is not just a one time wonder from The Telugu Industry The best is there to come! Entire India especially north India when it comes to Telugu films they look very low of it and that’s a Fact! After Baahubali the entire scenario changed Baahubali 2 by all means collected a massive 510 Crore followed by Dangal with 370 Crores which means a huge difference of 140 Crore And the biggest hit in the hindi industry is a dubbed film and it’s Hero is Prabahs Raju! And as Saaho is his next after Baahubali It definitely has to be grand because if it doesn’t do well again people will dub the industry as a one time wonder with Baahubali! And we really hope this will be a unforgettable film in a good way ofcourse! And last the makers of Saaho are taking a far more risk than that of Baahubali! Because Baahubali is a fantasy film with native references while Saaho is a Contemporary Action Thriller! So they are more brave, As they say “Luck Favours the Brave” So let’s hope that this Film reaches great heights and Make the Telugu Industry to reach every corner of the world! Team Moviemug If You like this video Please Subscribe to Moviemug and hit the bell Icon for more updates! hello guys eros minim sajo move even smarter than them what are the stakes expectations work a tree into facts and need make our chase – here are our five reasons on why sajo is special number one the SS Rajamouli effect yes monokuma opener history swooned away our rajma Racine watch a seka our hero next film sunny their huge disasters Junior India with Shimla student number on terror subhana Allah a minute about the country Allah here I’m chillin with Shimla orange untenable reverse chatter Authority no power no mikata a huge disaster he movies flop Oh danke various reasons own name but not mania and pitch in the intern day they didn’t shoot for the stars and tried to do different films and the basica Raja monitor cinema Tata our heroes kissed Adams got ten times period and your purchase so next Tuesday’s condo project a stardom the pincher project and early and I truly believe sajo is exactly that number two budget man chicka chicka bow well throughout the solution Maliki market shallow opening the Nepali and mana budgets Korra are they within a period iike sajo budget Vision Quest a random the Lynch move on the court was the law under croco number Abner soma no they ran on the lava : could not even then ah who is the highest budgeted movie of Hollywood because bow makers interval a chip-in man Bertie Bobbi bacha bazi on 350 crores for both parts pony Alec Akana we can call Shahu is the highest budgeted action film of India because bow alienate a fantasy Philip so our propulsion Emily rich radial and monitoring thugs off in Istanbul periodic film so path column proposition Emily recreate gel but Akira sajo is present number three director Sue’s its second film book a short film director and zero budget and start a Malaga but anyway Lou particular max oh yeah well the short films digital computation look and try at even a first cinema chance the kids cañada a cinema per run Roger on budget I the coatroom so Tara whatta Prabhas the cinema fiction he bowel monitor in the matter Cantara whatta man excels in the complete scene weapon either normal action entertainer and koona d you put a random delay avocado budget and just imagine what that cinema I do Kotlik reread no cinema didn’t lay awake Electra I can’t even imagine how he felt a pressure Gani but I think munch munch technicians so I really hope he will kick it off he we make us proud number four first Tollywood span india film that’s banking on the hero’s image promise promise baahubali prefers bowel religion the errata yeah with birthday Samantha provenzano Susan Shapiro Connie bar will release mundo when a twin states biter main promotions user in the India’s biggest film and a tag and Raj Mallya nature pearl and of course a movie grandness visuals once teaser releases a haka but Sahara Shimla entire thing is running because of his name and a a movie counterpart practically guru and they promised Walden a promise and a parable etiquette contr he is the primary crowd puller first pointless empanada bow belt Oh Tina stardom key respect is true he prune image Gita got Oh Sehun a name is nur ikura Prabhas monster non-green shmakov is changeable fun fact run Roger and cinema juicy Prabhas tannin tadhana Sujit Neoga story ready seminar Edie bowel can’t a pro mundo Suzette Laura a thermidors cannot delay and you Pesci light the schooner Marley some after six month apart ela Prabhas Sujit meetin approve in de carajás in Kazan Aditi that Xuan Sujit started writing saw bowel religion the and Prabhas became a national icon MacDill see first part release a haka Solomon nano cultura or maybe promise Jolla is under Indy bobble there are the Switzer’s in Macedon correct Ana and the Murray second film Dukakis in Manatee circuit on may be of a seasoned director purchased a better a mo Ilana thoughts child children but it’s in a madman in Alberta and now a way the promised release I unleash apathy promised this canal decision character number five to prove that baahubali is not a one-time wonder from Telugu industry the best is yet to come entire India and specifically North Indian people deliver cinema antenna conscience recommended of serenity fat and bowel rata entire situation might happen in the country biggest hit in Bollywood baahubali – Annie Vinnie original with anger I either one the lapa Dakota localization and second highest dangle 370 cross and ten note another Waco to Tara Sarala okay Hindi language cinema will chase a industry biggest hit dubbed Telugu film and Angela hero Prabhas Raju Somali Prabhas hero bowel sriracha trabajo karate is in Makati tangkoko grande fill my own deli because Molly is an authority here ba who will just one time wonder if Lucas or even the but this arena garuda Indiana Mark Levine pista and we really hope this will be an unforgettable film in a good way of course aggregate should pay the Entente the makers of Shah who are taking far more greater risks than bow will make us player because Bob Wiley a fantasy land law you dodge you lose money negativity someone isn’t subject but sajo oka contemporary action thriller so they’re more brave luck favors the brave and together so anthem and Cesare is Ajo Sigma a conduit Jonathan Chi Morrow sorry television apparel days on malleable olivine pin Charlotte.

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