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In recent times, 96 is the only movie everyone watched without a language barrier. The reason this film was watched. These many times is because it took us back to our school days and showed the feeling of love.

So let’s talk about 96. Today, If you haven’t watched it watch it and then watch this video Spoilers Ahead. Before directing this film director, Prem Kumar was a cinematographer. He missed his school Reunion in 2015.

Chennai Floods occurred at the same time In just 20 days. He wrote the story of the film 96 is a visual poetry. He showed the story with visuals. Now let’s. Talk about the feel and visual story telling in the film Vijay Sethupathi is introduced to us as Ram We’ll understand his characterization after the Life of Ram song.

He enjoys life like a kid, even though he is aged, Even though he’s alone. He enjoys his company and doesn’t share his feelings with anyone. We can understand the story with these two shots in the song In this shot.

He tries to hold the Apple with his mouth, but nearly misses Next. He writes his and Jaanu’s name on the shore, but they get washed away. The director explains Ram and Jaanu’s. Relation In this scene Now going into the story, Ram is traveling in his car with his Photography student As they enter into his village.

He starts showing her around. He starts showing his life events in order. The place where is parents got married, The hospital he was born.. Shopping food Temple everything At last. He stops at the bridge Because that’s, where his life stopped.

As he arrives near the school, they sit in a tea stall. When asked about why he’s here, he hears a parrots chirp and looks up A parrot stays there, the entire time and another bird flies and returns back.

The story is also the same: The parrot that stays is Ram and the one that files and returns is Janu. The shot Ram going into school is shot from behind him. It looks like a jail gate like Ram is opening the memories with Janu by opening the gate As we enter into our school old memories are always recollected Ram’s.

Class doesn’t change much After going to his classroom. He sits in Jaanu’s, place and looks back at his bench. How Janu used to look at him In the past, And next School Reunion is planned After watching these scenes, we really feel like going back to those days Here.

Ram’s, friends and sister are introduced. Ram is very active with everyone except Janu. The camera moment is too good when someone asks if Janu is coming or not, The camera is zoomed to his face to convey his emotions.

Perfectly Flashback starts Jaanu’s, voice, A voice like S Janaki. She sings just like her Janu and Ram casting are perfect From house to cycle. All are recreated perfectly. No boy can express his love at teenage, even if he wants to confess he doesn’t because of a doubt.

What would happen next? A lot of love stories ended this way. Even if Ram wants to stay close with Janu, He cannot. He can’t resist it. When she doesn’t, come They don’t, have a proper conversation in the entire childhood.

They don’t even say I Love you. The actors expression who played Janu are too good. Even the songs without music in those scenes are pleasant to hear Ram always asks her to sing Yamuna Nadi song, but she never sings His friends are the people who tell her that Ram loves him Anytime.

When the person we love is near us, Our heart beat increases And we can say that it is the best scene He faints when Janu lays a hand on him With this scene. We can say how much he loves her in this scene.

He finds out that Janu loves him Next, when Janu distributes books, there is a heart symbol. In the background When Ram plays Flames, he stops exactly when & quot. F & quot appears, If we do flames for their names.

.It is friendship And also this shot is well shot where there is a crack between their names Like a line between them Exams. Finish and Janu bids. Farewell Ram stops there and doesn’t move Janu returns and gives him a memory which gives Ram great Happiness.

She then leaves After marriage, Jaanu’s. Entry Soulful music, plays In the background, No matter how many are there? Janu Searches for Ram While she walks towards him flashback starts again When she finds out Ram left school.

She sits in his bench. They same way. Ram sat earlier in the film Ram leaves school for some reasons: Janu now an adult meeting Ram for the first time in years he appears to her in school uniform, Because that is her last memory of him.

After meeting her, he usually stammers Janu exclaims. That last time she saw him he didn’t have a beard. He then faints and collapses. Janu then says that she didn’t eat anything Without her completing the statement.

Ram goes and Gets food for her. The main thing I like about 96 is the casting The girl who played his Sister is the daughter of her older version in the film They show Janu’s childhood pic as her daughter’s picture.

Now let’s. Talk about visual story telling Both are parallel lines and never meet Director used the same pattern In many scenes. You can see the diverging pattern of lights in the background. For Example, look at these two shots Ram and Janu walk on the road at night.

The lights. Look like they meet, but they don’t And there is a line separating them When traveling in the train, it says mind the gap. It shows that, like the lines they can never meet, There are a lot of more shots in the childhood scenes To recollect old memories.

Janu makes Ram cut his hair, like back In the days Another cute scene in the film He finally confesses to her that he came for her to her college and also to her marriage, As Janu says earlier. That last time he didn’t mask a beard That shows that she didn ‘

T recognize him. If both of them.would have met Janu imagines how the story would have been Then comes Kadhale Kadhale One of the best love songs. In recent times, In this song, Story is explained with sounds A love story of a whale and a bird, Even though they love each other.

They can never be together That’s. Why you here bird and whale sounds here Another way of expressing that Ram and Janu can never be together, And here there is a deleted scene. Where Ram takes her to S Janaki Devi’s house.

He gives her a surprise. She can never forget. He then takes her to his home. Here we can again look at their school photo, Be it the school photo or the reunion photo. Janu is always left to Ram Near to his heart.

She then cooks for him, While eating asks if she is happy – and she tells about her husband In this scene, even if Ram’s reaction outside is calm. There is a huge thunder in the background representing his inner reaction.

He then finishes and the power goes off. Janu sings, Yamuna Nadi for Ram – And this is one of the best scene in the film Ram – then reads the letters her wrote for Janu. He then shows her all his school memories.

He is in full senses that Janu is married and he respects her marriage Ram, Janu Airport Scene, (, standing in front of the mirrors ) There’s, a lot of meaning In this shot. There’s, a line separating both of them And they both Don’t even talk in this scene.

Emotions are shown just with their expressions After she leaves Ram, stands alone. The same way. He stands when she leaves the first time Most of the movie Janu is in his car. Lightning was used well.

In this seen, We can literally feel Janu’s absence Whenever she leaves she leaves a memory of her with Ram. First, the shirt with ink then her dress, He hides those and his love in his briefcase. There’s.

Not much romance in this film Ram, also never touches Janu intentionally. Their love is shown as the purest form. He remains single all his life for Janu. A failure story was explained poetically with good music and visuals added, Even though it’s, his debut film C Prem Kumar delivered a Classic.

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