Aakaasam Nee Haddu Ra Movie Review | Suriya, Aparna

Hello all Welcome to Moviemug. Here is our non-spoiler review of the Film Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra ( Soorarai Pottru ) directed by Sudha Kongara.. First things. First, My experience. While watching the movie I liked it.

Infact. I really really liked it. Its’too good.. Its been a while that I felt this after watching Suriya’s movie., A sense of satisfaction and happiness.. I still remember coming out of the theater frustrated thinking what a great actor Suriya is and how boring the movies were after watching Bandobast and NGK movies.

So with Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra, (, Soorarai, Pottru ) movie streaming on OTT. I started thinking and was hoping that movie ought to be good and all I can say is THANK YOU Sudha Kongara and her team. Finally, after many year, we got see Suriya in a film that truly uses his star persona and acting prowess alike.

And for those who are wondering how dubbing is in Telugu, I saw this movie in Telugu and its good., Our “Uma maheswara ugraroopasya”, hero Satyadev, dubbed for Suriya., This is the first time dubbing artist other than Srinivasa Murthy dubbed for Suriya.

Starting 5-10 minutes seemed like bit different, but as the movie went on, it was perfect.. Now let’s talk in a little more detail.. The movie is inspired/based on autobiography “Simply Fly” book written by Air Deccan founder G.

R. Gopinath.. The story is not told, as it is plotting some key events, characters and scenes are written to dramatize them., That is to say, the story is simple. A story of grit cone. What may you have no choice but to go? Live your dream.

Our hero, Maha, wants to start an airline that air travel should be available not only to the rich but also to the general public… So what kind of hurdles did he pace himself in his journey of achieving what was intended and how someone stood out for himself.

The movie is also said to be a story like David’s, Goliath. How a commoner collides with big corporate entities.. The movie is narrated in a non-linear fashion by Writer/Director Sudha Kongara, Showing a plane crash landing at start 6 Years ago.

The flashback starts – and there is another flashback in that flashback… If you wondered if this is what it means to be complex, No, it is not at all complex, but the decision was made to do so, which worked wonders on screen.

Revealing as much as you need at regular intervals. The impact was peak when the pay of scenes, arrived. And also hero heroine relationship is one of the best I have seen in a long time.. I’m, not stereotyping.

Either Female directors create magic on the screen when they tackle strong female roles. There is much more to be said about this movie, but then the video will be 15 minutes instead of 5 minutes. So let’s, wrap up quickly, an excellent 1st half a tad bit uneven, 2nd half.

Do not think that is bad. Its just that things kind of goes on and on in the later portions of the film, but climax ended with a good high.. Now Lets talk about the performances, Suriya is on fire ambition.

Aggression emotion appear in each frame, and especially is some scenes.. Yes, I am talking about the Airport scene and the climax.. The performance is at his peaks. Heroine. Aparna Balamurali is excellent.

In fact, I like her role more than Suriya. and the scenes between Suriya and Aparna are pure gold., Urvashi and Mohan Babu in Supporting Roles Made Their Presence Felt.. Yet when it comes to technical departments, this film is technically brilliant.

That means to keep crooked, maybe CGI could have been better ante DOP Niketh Bommireddy Editor Sathish gave the best and special mention to GV. Prakash’S Back Ground Score is top-notch.. Lastly, Writer/Director Sudha Kongara did a fine job in both the departments.

I would give more marks for writing because its a solid script., It has all great characters, well written dialogues and also every relationship that is normal for us, be it with father, mother, friends.

Scenes written to extract good drama from all of these relationships.. It has everything. Final Word Best comeback for Suriya. This movie is a good example to say that if you write the correct script for a talented actor, the impact is going to be like this.

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