Kabir Singh vs Arjun Reddy – Moviemug Perspective

Arjun Reddy’s Bollywood remake Kabir Singh released and was directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, who also directed Arjun Reddy, The movie collected 100cr in just 5 days and trade pundits say it will touch 250cr.

So we can say that the audience liked the film, But since the movie released, some self proclaimed feminists spread out some negative publicity about the film And we can understand to an extent The scenes it’s, treatment and the way they approached it might Be new, It’s, just the reaction for some specific scenes due to which they couldn’t connect to the scenes.

But there are some critics like Rajeev, Masand, Sucharita and Rahul from Film Companion And also Jaby from Jaby Koay Channel. Looking at their reviews, you can say that they aren’t talking like critics at all, In Fact, just like people who blabber in front of the mic right after watching film, they gave their review for Kabir Singh.

The that way. Sorry for calling them reviews in the first place. We can call this as an angry rant In this video. We are trying to explain and give answers to the problems that they have raised in their review.

I have seen both films and now, keeping that in mind. We’ll, give our explanation: No:1 The Rape Scene. Only God knows why they made a huge ruckus out of this scene, Going into the details In the teaser trailer and even the first frame.

We get to know that Kabir is an alcoholic and then what do we see in the next frame? A phone call fracture case fiance calling He goes to her house and we see him smoking a joint, so he was drunk and was smoked up already.

He is high and not normal. So now they both start making out and right before they start the Doorbell rings and it’s the fiance outside. So then the girl says I don’t want to do it Leave And just imagine she interrupts right when they were about to do it May be if he was in his senses.

Kabir would have stopped too, But he is high from the alcohol marijuana and an adrenaline pumping out of spite. He takes a knife and threatens her. The power comes and radio is turned on. Suddenly he comes to his senses and leaves So Rajiv.

Masand should explain. Where was & quot, RAPE & quot in this scene, No 2 Chasing the Maid Scene Again, our so called reviewers, without even observing what was happening fired up just looking at the visual who is an alcoholic and a drug addict and the maid who is working for Him since years and already broke many glasses, even after telling her many times.

. Now let’s dive into the Maid’s. Character for her Kabir is a comedy piece. She can say or do anything Because she keeps on repeating those mistakes. Again and again So if a person working under us treats you that way, we may or may not react, but Kabir reacted.

Arjun Reddy is sort of disturbed, so he reacted in that way. So you don’t need to look at everything as it is. You should analyse what the situation is, and only those who do that are called critics. No 3: The Slap, Oh God, this slap Before the Pre Interval before they showed 6hrs Kabir/Arjun slaps.

Preethi Here also the same thing: they reacted to the reaction, but not what happened before that Preethi says: do you think I can live without you? Then Arjun slaps Preethi, but a similar scene took place in the first half but in a reverse scenario, After college, while Kabir is dropping her at the railway station, She says she’ll stay for 2 days and then Kabir angrily says I’m going to die after these 2 days That’s when Preethi slaps Kabir.

So normally anyone in a relationship talks about death. They react in this way: No 4 Arjun The Womanizer, This ones the biggest joke. I read a tweet yesterday stating that, just because it’s, a male writer, they gave a justification to Preethi’s.

Pregnancy at the end, But Arjun slept with many women. Did these people even watch the film? Did they pay attention to the dialogues In the second half Shiva says to Arjun? What are you thinking If you had done it with the fractured fiance girl? Do you think you could have forgotten Preethi Just leave these idiotic things and throughout the film we don’t, see him sleeping with other women, And someone else said that if the fiance wouldn’t come, they would have done it.

My interpretation – I don’t think so they would have done it. There are no rules for a character like Arjun/Kabir that they should sleep with these people. Only He can go to prostitutes to get over Preethi and he even does.

But here too, when we see the scenes where he is talking to Shiva’s, father that he doesn’t sleep with these women but shares his sadness, and we can observe he finds different reasons to not to sleep around.

He leaves from there when the girls proposes him and at the beginning, even if the fiance wouldn’t come I don’t think he would do it and coming to the heroine portion too, No 5, The Kiss. Now this is interesting Compared to Telugu, they justified it better.

In Hindi, As Shahid Kapoor said in an interview, This is a story of an Alpha Male in a college and frankly saying there is no one better than him in his college, and he knows that too. So he behaves like he owns the college, So a guy with that mindset who is in his final year sees a first year girl and kisses her.

Now her Preethi had no expression on her face. I didn’t, have a problem with this scene because I didn’t, see her uncomfortable and not only that When Kabir moves to Dehradun Preethi goes there and when she tries to kiss him Kabir Stops her because in Delhi it was An unorthodox college, but in this case it is quite orthodox Now Preethi demands him to kiss her.

So you can see that because he things his superior in his college. Kabir behaves like an Alpha Male, but in situations he isn’t familiar with. He behaves as a regular person until you hurt his ego. No 6 Preethi.

The victim is what the fellow feminists are calling Now is it true? Is She really? The victim? Did Kabir really force her to be in love with him? First thing: we never see how Preethi is with her friends and her family.

We see her through Kabir’s eyes, And he also says she didn’t, see anyone beside him. Whatever we know about Preethi slow innocent is from Kabir / Arjun’s perspective. Now let’s, see from another perspective.

When he comes into the class and says Beautiful, Chick and fat Chick. You see Preethi smile, You can see she is liking the attention she is getting from Kabir. Now let’s. Talk about some instances where Kabir takes her out to teach Anatomy When he draws on her hand, not once we find her uncomfortable.

Not only that she even blushes while showing to her friend See the thing is both are crazy in their own ways And looking at it in another way, we can say, maybe because of being with Kabir, she became strong.

She was the one who initiates the lip to lip kiss by holding his hand, And there are few more instances Near Woodstock college. She demands Kabir to Kiss him and also the way she stood up to her parents.

Even in the second half, where Kabir goes to Preethi’s house, not that she is scared of her parents or due to the marriage, but she is pissed with Kabir And also to make it more evident. Sandeep Reddy Vanga added few dialogues in the Hindi Version At the pre interval.

Kabir says that Who are you? What is your value? You are Kabir Singh’s Girlfriend, and without that you are nothing, And here she says yes, just to cool him off, and there are many more scenarios And to wrap things up.

The thing I wanted to say is: they are perfect for each other. Now, coming to the last point, Kabir Singh himself, There’s, a talk that people like Kabir Singh, just because of the alcohol and drugs. But do you know why people really like him Because of his don’t, give a fuck nature.

We or most of us should not be scared in doing what we love and we all want him to be as brilliant as him in what we do, but we can’t It’s, just that the character. Arjun/Kabir is many. People’s, alter ego That’s.

Why people loved this film And that’s? Why audience showed a middle finger to the audience? So this is our attempt to explain our opinion about the controversy created by many And, if you agree or disagree with it, do comment down below, And we really thank Sandeep Reddy Vanga for making a Kick-ass film Expecting more.

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