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Scarlett Johansson becomes the love child of Deathstroke and dr. Manhattan. That’s, it Lucy, so Lucy is a story or a movie. I don’t know that I call it a story. It’s, not really much of one. In the movie, Lucy is a movie written and directed by Luc Besson in which Scarlett Johansson we know she’s, a badass.

We know she can do cool [, __ ] there’s. This new super drug out there, not a lot of people, know what it does, but she gets a super dose of it. Now she’s on the road to unlocking 100 % of her brain capacity.

That means really cool [ __ ] can happen because of our hundred percent. We use ten and sequential. He starts out. You know twenty percent, she’s, really smart. She can do cool, [, __, ], 30 percent. She can do more 40 percent.

She can do more, that’s, kind of the movie more or less. You can argue that the plot is that she needs more of the drug, so she has to go and find these drug mules who are smuggling it, but it’s, not really that that’s, a small part of it.

Ultimately, the movie exists, so you can see her do cool [, __ ] as her brain capacity starts, unlocking and that you see her do really cool [, __ ], and that is entertaining you see you’re, thumbing through [ __ ].

She’s. Reading things super fast. She’s, typing on two different laptops with two different hands. At the same time, this movie reminds me of what my friends and I used to do we used to sit around it.

You know restaurant or something we used to brainstorm cool things. We’d like to see in a movie, but we had no clear way to put it into a movie. Did we write a script for it? No, we did not. How would we put it into a movie? I have no idea.

It’d, just be cool to see that [ __ ] in movies, my friends and I, when we movie nerd out, we moving nerd out there’s like a look Besson and his friends. They’re sitting around. They were like, oh, I’d, be cool to see a movie where someone starts unlocking their brain capacity.

It’s like 100 %. Psycho wait. Have it start out as 10 and 15 and in 20, 30 40, 50 yeah and then you can sequential II, see it unlocker and she can start doing [ __ ]. She’s reading fast at first all right.

Maybe she’s. Moving things with her mind, or what else did you yeah? You could? Could you read people’s minds? Maybe, and they came up with this thing – that they would like to see in a movie and then luc besson was like.

I’d, better write it then, and now we have this movie. I mean the movie starts out kind of sloppy, not gonna lie. You see Scarlett Johansson, she’s, arguing with her really sleazy boyfriend, and then it has these really weird clips and I get the parallels of the clip.

So it’s like oh, she’s being baited into doing something, and then it cuts to a clip of a little mouse going to a mousetrap having cheese on it, and I’m like what is that. Why is that in there then people are coming for her.

They’re closing in on her, and then it shows National Geographic footage of this cheetah stalking, something I get. The parallels like. Oh human nature is animalist. It hasn’t, changed, animals are like us, we were like animals, but now we’re going to evolve past it doesn’t mean it.

Doesn’t feel completely out of place in this movie because it’s used at the beginning, and it’s, never used again ever like in the editing room they were like. Do you want to keep this? I say we stop and they stopped, but they kept what they put in there’s, even this cop that she teams, up with in the movie and the dude, says the most logical thing in the entire movie.

After seeing her clear out of room, he’s. Like I don’t think I could be much help to you and she’s like you. Are you’re, a reminder she might as well have turn to the screen and said what she really meant you are.

I’m, a super smart, emotionally distant robot. At this point, the audience needs someone to relate to and that ain’t me I mean: how much can you relate to a character that really has no threats early on in the movie when she walks into a room? It goes Bam, Bam Bam.

It just clears everyone out and she digs the bullet out of her arm without feeling any pain, and that’s at like 20 percent of her brain capacity yeah. It just goes up from there at a point. You’re, like you’re.

She God. Why do I care the truth? Is you don’t? I think luc besson knew that that’s. What i mean when i say he just wanted to see cool [, __ ] in a movie and he put really cool [ __ ] in the movie, but in terms of a plot of a movie, you don’t care about the characters you Don’t really care where it’s going.

The movie exists for the cool things that happen. Cuz Lucy would probably be a great time if you’re drunk yeah, a no is a party ever I can use a hundred percent of my brain capacity. Don’t. Try it at home.

No delusions of grandeur that’s, not 100 percent of your brain. So if you can use more of your brain capacity, what would you do with it? Whatever you do comment below, let me know that’s right guys right now, as you’re watching this, I’m at San Diego Comic Con.

So if you’re there dude just be on my Twitter. Follow me on twitter, I’ll, be tweeting. I’ll, be like I am here. I’m there. I’m at this booth. If you see me say hi, I love meeting fans yeah and short.

I won’t, be able to review Hercules until I get back. I know I know you’re dying to see me review that one. I really thank you for your patience in these times of uncertainty royal as I’m down in comic-con, probably having a little bit of fun, that’s, why? You guys kick ass and, as always, if you liked what you’ve seen here – and you want to see more click right here to see more, you

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