Suriya Movies Facts – Suriya Fans Must Know

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Let’s start the video Generally. Whenever we see something marvelous in a movie. The first thing that we say is & quot. These things only happen in movies, but never in real life & quot, But situations these have really changed things completely.

Don’t know why but many incidents from Suriya’s. Movies are turning out to be true. He might have done those scenes casually, but the Elements of Nature took it seriously. Normally, if any incident from a film happens in real life, We let it go thinking it as just a fluke If the same thinking happens 2-3 times, even though we hesitate a bit.

We try to calm ourselves by thinking it’s, just a conincidence, But if this happens these many times we can’t stop reacting like’& quot. What the hell has happened & quot Already 2020 is like a horror movie with surprises after surprises, and this is an extra tension for us When scenes from Suriya’s, films started happening in real one by one I rewatched all his films again, As We can’t.

Do anything about the things in future. Let’s, have a look on things that have happened. Till now, 1. Ghajini Suriya was introduced to most of the Telugu audience through this film. Be it the songs, Suriya’s.

Acting everything was on another level. Keeping all these things aside. Suriya played the character Sanjay Ramaswamy. This name became very famous back then Sanjay, a Multi Millionaire owner of a mobile company Air Voice, But he leaves all this aside for the Woman he loves, who is Kalpana.

The beautiful twist here is that Even in Real life, Asin loved and married Rahul Sharma, the co founder of Indian made mobile brand Micromax, Just like how good the Ghajini franchise has worked in Asin’s.

Career Sharing her life with a mobile company owner off screen is such a crazy coincidence. Many of you might be thinking & quot. So what & quot? Just because the professions matched? What does it have to do with Suriya? Wait, Wait In front.

There is much more to come, 2. 7Th Sense. The first thought that comes to our mind when we hear the name of this film & quot, China, C/o Corona & quot, Don’t. Why? But when Dong Lee comes to India for a bio war, then when he injects a virus in a street dog, Everyone paid serious attention because it was very interesting And look what happened now.

The world has turned into shambles Some Dong Lee guy died, drinking a bat soup, We lost our Economy, Studies, Jobs and even the freedom to freely roam outside & quot, One cute Virus Whole world Fasak & quot, Keeping the fact that it was a bio war or Not aside The first film we remember hearing the word: Corona Virus is 7th Sense.

Suriya, sir. Please send Bodhi Dharma to find a vaccine. A lot of lives are at stake here. We would be indebted to you, 3. Veedokkade, In this film Suriya plays a smuggler with many characters. He smuggles goods through airports from other countries.

Almost all the get ups he plays are shown at the starting in the Pela Pela song itself In this song. Suriya wins and brings home the Cricket World Cup As Suriya wins the WC in the movie. After the release, India won the next 2011 World Cup.

It’s, a Miracle Don’t. Ask me how? Because even i don’t know Some of you might get a doubt that it can also be the 2007 T20 World cup which we won right. No, I will think it as the 2011 WC, because it is much more comfortable.

This way, 4. Brothers. What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word & quot Ban & quot Yuck? No, I’m. Not talking about this trash Excuse me Editor. This hasn’t been banned. Yet I’m talking about the old Russia which got banned from the Olympics in Brothers movie.

The entire movie runs on this element In the movie when they say that a country got banned in the past. For doping. I took it lightly thinking it was just fiction, But in the next Olympics, after the film’s, release Russia got banned from the 2016 Rio Olympics due to doping, Just like how it was shown in the film Yes, this happened in the past also, But who would have thought it would happen right after the film Don & # 39? To know why, but something is really fishy.

Singam. 2. This is something more weird, because Suriya, who behaves like a NCC officer till then takes charge as a DSP. Suriya looks very powerful when he walks in that uniform right, But this time, while watching this scene, I related to it a bit differently.

Do you remember the speech Modi sir gave on the 23rd of March Mitrooonn? We are closing the country. Even you also close everything and sit at home. We never saw how the police planned for this, but this scene from Singam 2 perfectly syncs, with this incident Curfew all over the country Blocking near check posts.

Everything happened exactly like in the film Also as people fought at the border in the movie. We too struggled a lot near the AP/TS border that day What a coincidence Thalaiva 6. Bandobasth. This is the only scene from this movie, which I remember very well.

I felt really bad seeing all the hard earned crops of farmers getting destroyed by a swarm of locusts While watching the movie. I thought that this is just fiction. How can these many come at once, But when I googled, I found out that these locusts already attacked South Africa and Pakistan, which blew my mind Already.

While I’m sad, that 2020 is playing Corona Premier League with us. These locusts said Hi coming from the Middle East. Those locust videos scared the hell out of me. Thankfully it didn’t come near us. Please tell us before you plan a film like this Suriya, sir.

We’ll, be ready with Hit sprays 7. Gang. We were thrilled when Ramya Krishna and Suriya loot businessmen in a CBI raid, But few people were influenced in a different manner. Following the exact same thing directly, they raided ex MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao’s house.

After a police inquiry, they found out that it was a malayalam actress named Leena & quot. If you don’t have movie offers, you should give more auditions, but taking Suriya’s. Raid from a film too seriously is foolish.

It’s wrong and you will obviously be punished. None, including me, are getting inspired by his good deeds, which is wrong, but we try to do things like these don ‘ T know why 8. Uriyadi 2, Hmm Till now.

I only thought that these incidents are only happening from Suriya’s. Films, But no, there are also incidents from the films he produced, which happened in real life. This film, which is a political action thriller released in 2019.

The catastrophe that occurs in this movie is a gas leakage due to bad maintenance in factory where hero works. That’s. It People in the nearby area are finished, Recognized this incident Recently, the the Vizag Gas Leak incident is shown exactly in this movie, The lesser we talk about it, the better.

But how is this everything happening exactly only God knows So. That’s, the matter from now Suriya, sir’s. Films need to be certified disaster free with the censor certfication, also On a serious note like how we admire our heroes.

The same way we admire Suriya, sir too. He should make many many films in the coming future And let’s. All pray that the disasters in Suriya’s. Films never happen in real life, God ‘ S must be crazy.

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