Top 10 Movies that Exceeded Expectations

There’s, nothing wrong with being the underdog so long as you come out on top in the end hi I’m. Ireland welcome to, and today we’re, counting down our picks for the top 10 movies that exceeded expectations.

You got a mouth for this list. We’ve chosen films that did far better than we originally anticipated, based on a mix of their box office, numbers, critical reception and accolades. Oh well, that’s, just as fascinating as the first 89 times.

You told me that number 10 Star Trek no Calvin, ah mr. cook, with 2009 being a year for countless anticipated box-office Giants, including the sixth Terry Potter and James Cameron,’s. Avatar there, just wasn’t enough hype room despite heavy promotional efforts or relative big-screen newcomer JJ Abrams, with the Star Trek, reboot being only his second director credit Kirk.

How the hell did you get on board the enterprise? What’s more with Star Trek film franchise heading up a cooler pattern for poor reception on its odd-numbered movies? The fact that this was number 11 in the series wasn’t much of a help.

I I don’t, know you. I am a spark [ __ ], still Abrams, boldly and successfully took us where no man has gone before in this back-to-basics tale, with stellar effects, good acting higher stakes and lots of flair lens flare.

That is he’s. Work paid off big time will be my honor commander number nine Pirates of the Caribbean, the curse of the Black Pearl. Where did you get that the fact that this fantasy flick is based on the classic Disney theme park? Attraction of the same name had even the mouse’s.

Most faithful fans, skeptical, especially since said film, would be the beloved family driven company’s. First pg-13 release well well Jack Sparrow, isn’t. Captain Jack’s that skepticism did not go unpunished.

When audiences checked out the dramatic and haunting story of the black pearls crew welcome aboard the black. Moreover, the film gave Johnny Depp his first oscar-nominated role as cinemas, most adored and charismatic pirate, whose misadventure spawned an entire franchise in the form of multiple explosive sequels, not sure, sir, but more importantly, Hollywood’s.

Faith in what was considered a cursed Shara was restored. You must stop reading those stories. Mr. Guerin, one number-8 Rise of the Planet of the Apes, yet another sci-fi reboot serving as a second directorial endeavor on our list.

The announcement of this attempt had film buffs and pop-culture lists alike, thinking that Hollywood had sunk to a new low, with its monkeying around swapping practical costumes for equally believable CGI, plus another potent portrayal from Andy Serkis via motion capture director Rupert Wyatt put up quite the Revolutionary fight to rise above the cynicism, his battle paid off greatly with the film garnering, virtually universal praise and nearly half a billion dollars in box office numbers making it the franchise’s biggest gross.

Until the release of the film’s. Sequel: number 7 World War Z, based on the novel by Max Brooks this film was considered a late entry to the zombie apocalypse V spark despite promising trailers and the fact that Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt was in the starring role.

The action horror, movies marketing failed to amp up the was hoping to generate with some predicting a flop. Due to the film’s, blockbuster budget, instead audiences were treated to a thrill ride. We’re, a solid hero journey through a global pandemic setting.

It was this unexpected edge-of-your-seat execution that made World War Z, not only well-received at the box office, but kept the pulse of the zombie genre alive and running just a little bit longer number.

Six, The Hangover – you guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner, despite rising comic stars, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, his name’s attached to the project. The film’s. Release came at a time when comedy was finding success again on the stand-up stage, rather than on the silver screen.

Four of us wolves running around the desert, together in Las Vegas looking for strippers and cocaine. Hence the hangover took audiences and critics by surprise, as it was expected to be an hour and a half of standard drunk high and fart jokes.

Instead, boobie goers got their money’s worth with an actual story, filled with hilarious, dubious characters and clever setups. Can you say a dentist with a missing tooth and why haven’t seen tooth in terms of American box office records? It became the third highest-grossing r-rated film of all time, as well as the second highest in the comedy charm.

In other words, forget everything number five Slumdog Millionaire welcome to who wants to be? Are you ready, based on the novel QA by Vikas Swarup? It’s appropriate that this underdog story has found its way onto our list.

So why don’t? You save us both a lot of time and tell me how you cheated a rags-to-riches tale involving a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestant accused of cheating. Jamal Malik story was widely praised and marketed as a feel-good film of the decade for its well paced relatable.

Characters and appealing plot, so it could be be Vicky, bunting, Odie, Jack, Hobbs final answer: not only was the film an ultra success with its 378 million worldwide gross at a 15 million dollar budget, but it was additionally the strongest trophy realer at the 81st Academy Awards.

Taking home a total of 8, including Best Picture Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, I was right: the chihuaha has done it again: [ Applause, ], number, four 21 Jump Street down on Jump Street 37 Jump Street.

No, it doesn’t sound right based on the 1987 television series. 21 Jump Street was that police themed youth show that any pop culture fanatic could predict was bound for a bad Hollywood. Take you will be going undercover as high school students.

You are here simply because you look young in one of its most praiseworthy adaptations: Hollywood silenced, skeptics with a fun story, fun, dialogue and funnier performances in this action comedy brought to us by the way of Phil, Lord and Christopher Miller, of Cloudy, with a Chance of Meatballs faith as well as charismatic stars, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum don’t.

Make me. Take you to the principal &: # 39 s office grossing a little over five times its budget. The film was picked up not only for an equally successful sequel, but also for a potential crossover project with another one of Columbia’s, most famous and well beloved government authorities known for their black suits as a junk street yeah yeah.

That’s funny because we were actually Jump Street. A 23 Jump Street is also in the works. You two sons of [ __ ] are going to college number. Three Casino Royale, the names bond James Bond same spine, same name, new guy, new game with the franchise’s; previous three films, not living up to the reputation of mi6, his most badass agent fans and critics alike.

Just didn’t know what to expect with yet another film loaded with stock stunts car crashes and explosions. We’ve, all gotten accustomed to seem double-oh-seven or not replacing Pierce Brosnan as the world’s.

Most famous spy newcomer, Daniel Craig and veteran director of Goldeneye Martin Campbell unexpectedly restored bond to the glory days of such predecessors as Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton, introducing audiences to a more contemporary and relatable timeline, as well as a newly promoted double.

Oh, you noticed number two Batman Begins with the Caped Crusader’s, previous film being as childish and cheesy as it was notoriously bad DC fans and film buffs alike. Just weren’t excited with the announcement of yet another soon to be horrible adaptation of one of comic-book history’s, most beloved superheroes humour you Bruce Wayne.

The Prince had got them. You’d, have to go a thousand miles to meet someone who didn’t know your name so don’t don’t come down here with the Ranga. What they received instead was a masterful incarnation from the relative newcomer, Christopher Nolan, who took the bat by the wings and stretched them out to soar with grand storytelling, stimulating themes and the return to darker visuals.

Are you coming back to go for Filosa as long as it takes? I’m going to show the people of Gotham their city, doesn’t belong to the criminals in the corrupt. The film not only went on to become a box-office success, but respond to the Dark Knight as a glorified household name shadowed by two enticing sequels that made it part of cinema’s greatest trilogies.

This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object before we unveil our favorite unfavored. Pic here are a few honorable mentions. Oh [, Music, ] Gretchen stop trying to make fetch happen.

It’s, not going to happen. Oh, my gosh, my hands are stuck. My legs are stuck as well. I super here, [, Music, ], ah save it and I feel relaxed and I’m ready to partay yeah. When that bass, stop ma’am number one district.

Nine Way coming to you from the infant’s of district nine, originally greenlit as a halo film producer, Peter Jackson and director Neill Blomkamp sought to use the existing props and set pieces of the adaptation for a new project after financing was deterred.

What emerged was the sci-fi sleeper hit? District 9, derogatory term prone is used for the alien, and obviously it implies something that is a bottom-feeder that scavengers the leftovers dependent on visual marketing, as well as its stylistic humans only adds the film retained a minimal presence in campaigning during its pre theatrical release time.

However, during its run, millions were treated to a visually alluring escape that tackled the serious earthly themes of xenophobia, social apartheid and cultural ignorance, [ Music ]. They want to kill me a feat which garnered it not only high box office numbers, but also for Oscar nominations, including Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture.

You call this a favor yeah, [, Music, ]

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