Top 10 Suriya Movies of all Time

Hello Welcome To Moviemug. Today let’s, talk about someone who is handsome, charming and also acts. Well, talks well good at heart and a true gentleman Suriya Siva Kumar I don’t know what everyone thought, but during my childhood, after watching Ghajini, I thought he was a Telugu Hero.

Don’t know why I liked him so much in it. Those songs where everywhere I don’t know how many times I’ve heard’Hrudayam Ekkadunnadi ‘ After a certain age. I realised that Suriya was a Tamil hero and all the films were dubbed Suriya easily completed 35 films.

He’s, a hero who balanced both commercial and experimental films. He’s, a versatile actor and a great performer. It’s rare. If Suriya’s, film disappoints the audience And even if a movie is bad, we can watch it to witness his performance.

He earned this greatness. It’s, difficult to select ten best films from his films, but, as we need to do Here, are our top 10 movies of Suriya Siva, Kumar, 10 Aaru First time seeing Suriya in a Rugged look and even in a regular revenge drama, we can Feel the love between Suriya and Trisha, their chemistry worked out quite well for the film, And with this film I understood how Suriya is capable of emoting emotions just with his eyes.

Brilliant 9. brothers Suriya did a dual role many times, but this somewhat special Conjoined twins. We usually see heroes as twins, but conjoined twins. It felt more special because he has to act without using half of his body and also never in the film we get confused about who is who They designed those two roles to perfection And Suriya’s.

Portrayal made this extra special 8.7th Sense. We can call Suriya man of bodies. 4 transformations for a movie is rare King role in the starting and after that, Bodhi Dharma, and then the lean old look and finally, the body transformation, as the circus guy movie’s highlight is the first 20 minutes His transformation for Bodhi Dharma is Next level, Those first 20 minutes fights hypnotism with the eyes and the peaceful smile He was set perfectly as Bodhi Dharma, as if he really was like that Songs stunts scale of the film message.

Many aspects were covered here: 7th sense impressed the fans 7. Khaaka Khaaka. This movie was remade into Telugu as Gharshana by Venkatesh. If we see Venky mama in a role we can’t. Imagine anyone else except him in that role, But actually, if you watch the Tamil Version, we can feel that Suriya also was great.

We can say that this was a turning point in his career.., Then Khaaka Khaaka was the biggest hit in his career. He was set perfectly as a sincere police officer in this one Love scenes between Suriya and Jyothika.

Looked so real and beautiful. Gautam Menon gave a beautiful film Khaaka Khaaka to this pair 6. 24 In this generation. Heroes acting as villains is a rare case, and many never did a triple role and Suriya impressed us with this To do justice to a film like 24, you need a complete actor, an actor who can show all emotions to the T As an innocent scientist, an Intelligent watch mechanic and the evil Athreya His Acting in these roles show what a gifted actor he is.

5. Ghatikudu Bringing a charm in a negative character is very tough to achieve. You should feel that he is a bad guy, but you should also be rooting for him and Suriya managed to do that And from what I know, no actor played his child version.

Ever Job would be done with any child actor, but for the emotion to convey Suriya himself did it and pulled it off quite effortlessly, And this is actually a bad film, but Suriya’s. Performance alone makes it a decent watch and also the chartbuster music, helped too 4.

Singham Series, Yamudu Singam Singam 3. Even to carry a mass film, you need talent With fights and dances for a powerful police role. You need a great dialogue delivery. Actually you don’t need to justify it too much In Hindi.

Even a great actor like Ajay Devgan did the role, but compared to Suriya’s performance. You feel he is so far behind him. 3. Veedokkade. How much ever we talk about this film is less Anyone who watches this film can say he is a man of faces Best film in KV.

Anand’s career. These getups won’t suit. Anyone in this generation except Suriya, be it an old man or an old lady Action. Scenes love scenes in all aspects. This movie is the best You won’t feel bored.

How many times you watch it 2. Ghajini. Even he had previous Telugu releases. This film earned him his name As a love failure as a air voice. Ceo, he did justice to both the roles There won’t, be anyone who dislikes this songs Back then, everywhere, Ghajini songs were played Even in songs.

He looks a million bucks With one movie. He gained love from the Telugu audience. We can understand how well he acted. 1. Surya, S/O Krishnan, A classic film in his career. We see some of his films and say man of bodies and man of faces in some, But here you can witness both Our generation heroes never showed more than 10 variations in a single film.

After watching this film, everyone craves to have this kind of relationship with his father As father and son, he gave his best To talk about his Acting. This film is enough: The songs, the emotions whenever you feel low in life, you can get out of it.

If you watch this film, A movie on father- son relationship may never be better shown than this Honorary mentions: Siva, Putrudu and Yuva. Even though not a full role, you can’t cast away his performance.

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