Why Keanu Reeves is the most Respected Actor

Keanu reeves was on a flight from san francisco to burbank before it had to make an emergency landing in bakersfield. Instead of using his celebrity resources to flee in private, he stepped in to help with their travel arrangements, then he took a road trip with another passengers and made the trip efficient and fun for everyone.

The ninth involved obvious scene in california and the 52nd most populous city in the nation, [ Music, ] keanu reeves, once took a pay cut to allow for al pacino to co-star on the devil’s advocate he did the same for the 2000 football Movie the replacements to make way for gene hackman, [, Music ].

He likes to keep things simple movies made so much money, three and a half billion dollars entertain entertain right. Yes, while several sources estimate reeves net worth is around 300 million dollars, he appears to remain humble in a reddit.

Ask me anything. Reeves wrote that he was always grateful and likes to keep things simple. I know i’m, a pretty simple guy. You know i’ve been really lucky to have the chance to have a career, and i don’t know.

I just have always tried to keep it simple. He really seems to like helping others. I hope i help them. I help them. I just want to help them. Kiana reeves once gave a struggling worker on the set of the matrix twenty thousand dollars as a christmas bonus to help him out.

He also was one of the only people on the set that genuinely wanted to know people’s names. He’s, a true gentleman just i said whatever you do, just keep my dress down and eat the whole stunt, like he just made sure in my dress, that’s, sweet very sweet.

Did you all get together? Did you date him? Never dated, despite being worth millions of dollars, keanu reeves still takes the subway [ Music ]. Not only does he use the public transportation, he is willing to give up his seat to a woman [ Music ].

He can laugh at himself what’s? This that’s, you that’s, your sad keanu, oh, my god, you know like when you do those things like hey. I’m in paris. In 2010 a meme emerged of keanu reeves sitting on a bench with the tagline sad kianu.

Reeves wasn’t embarrassed by it, but he revealed on reddit that he thought it was funny he doesn ‘ T throws his name around even when he should kiana reeves arrived at the wrap party of his movie exposed, but the bouncer did not recognize the star.

Instead of making a scene, he patiently got in line to wait in the rain outside the new york city club. He is film crew favorite, while working on the film chain reaction in which kiana reeves was starring.

Alongside morgan, freeman reeves routinely bought lunch for the grunt workers in his movie sets. He once hung out with a homeless guy back in 1997, keanu reeves was spotted hanging out with a homeless person.

He shared some drinks and listened to the man’s stories even lying down on his back clearly interested in what the man had to say. He drove 50 miles out of his way to take stranger home kiana reeves, once drove a woman 50 miles out of his way, because her car broke down the woman later told her friend that she hoped he would hit on her, but he didn’T because he was a real gentleman

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